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Today's top story is Aqoon-Bile primary and Secondary School. Aqoon-Bile was established in 2000 in Mogadishu, Somalia. The term Aqoon-Bile originated from Somalia language that means ''Knowledge increaser'' stemmed from two educated men who dedicated themselves to teach their Somali needy children especially girls. YOPA its side to fulfill a part of its mission conducted a participatory workshop about HIV/AIDS prevention to the secondary students at Aqoon-bile School and encouraged them to have open ears to this killer disease.

You may see students listening lectures addressed by HIV/AIDS prevention specialist. By : Yopa

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Aqoo-Bile sounds like a wonderful place. Thank you for letting us know about it and showing us the picture. About how many students does the school have? Have far do they have to travel to get to school?

In friendship,


Dear Jenna, Thank you very much for your comment. Aqoon-Bile has many students who come from all directions of the school by bus or on foot and we are ready to submit any information about the scool. With best regards


The two men who founded Aqoo-Bile have such a wonderful vision. The need for education in your country must be great, especially for young women. And HIV/AIDS education is so important at this time. This is a great success story for Mogadishu, and thank you for the words and picture. I look forward to hearing more...

Cheers, Jade

Dear Jade, thank you for your comments about Aqoon-Bile. Really you can't imagine how happy they are whaen they heard your encouragement. Please let other friends to help this school. happy day, yopa