2009 PLANS

Dear Friends, After having realized that an alarming percentage of the Somali women population are illiterate, YOPA group has decided to organize classes for women who are functionally or completely illiterate at Banadir and Lower Shabelle Regions in Somalia with the intent to enable them: a) To read and write b) To do simple mathematical problems c) To gain better undersanding of women's healt-related issues such as STDs, HIV/AIDS, FGM, Family planning, Safe pregnancy, good nutrition, etc. Our greatest resource is dedication of our voluntary group who resolved to serve the community as far as they can in education matters regardless of the insecurity and the economic hardship in the country.

In order for us to implement this worthwhile project, there are many priorities, but getting material, finacial, technical and training assistance are paramount importance. it is obvious that it won't be easy for us to put this project into operation all alone, and yet we are determined to make a success of it.

However we do hope from WORLDPULSEWIRE COMMUNITY to appreciate our intended campaign against women illiteracy and lend ushelping hand in this hour of need.

Truly yours, YOPA leaders