They are young women cadets at the Military Academy of Madagascar. They have the same right to engage in the army serving his nation and contribute to the improvement of lives of their compatriots especially women. How wonderful!
  • They are young women cadets at the Military Academy of Madagascar. They have the same right to engage in the army serving his nation and contribute to the improvement of lives of their compatriots especially women. How wonderful!
Recently during my last mission in the northern part of my country, I am very moved by seeing women who are not yet counted among the 20 millions Malagasy people. They have not birth certificate or national identity card. They do not know the existence and importance of these documents. Moreover, they do not know other places, only their villages

and hamlets bordering. The roads are almost inaccessible even on foot. Residents flee into the forest, when they see foreigners they hided in jungle. They are still illiterate. Imagine those women who are forced to submit under the grip of men. They must accept the rules of the game imposed by society. It's sad to see three women with the same husband. They and their children are mandated to satisfy the needs of the man. They are required to keep a healthy relationship and no hard feelings despite the rivalry in love. The most of virgins are already booked by the old rich men, perverse. face to these bad attitude, I can not keep idle. What is my challenge? It’s clear: to help women in such situations, developing centers of education and training. These centers provide the installation of their project for example. We need to create jobs for women to help them to have more independent. As we all know it's addictive, especially financial, which is one of the greatest weakness allowing men to dominate women. Personally, the work will not be easy due to lack of money and resources and above all due to restrictions by local customs that have the same values as the laws and finally the opposition made by local authorities such as mayors or Deputies. They are afraid that we would exceed the political (a misplaced idea) and we denounce these evil practices vis-à-vis the population, especially against women and girls. By studying the feasibility of my challenge, the journey is still long. However, I am optimistic because everything is possible when we have courage to do it. We must proceed progressively and step by step. First we start with the awareness of women. Then, change the behavior of each one. Finally, concrete actions with private organizations and with the government through the ministry. Actions that help them to emancipate or to break free. Communication is important in the empowerment of women, so I think platforms like Pulsewire are one of the most effective ways to overcome obstacles in my challenge. The reason is simple we can exchange ideas, advices and maybe to find partners for its realization. I summarize: women need to break the silence if we really want to start a new vision of our life.

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Your story reminds me of the situation in the new African state of South Sudan where young girls are booked for marriage and the highest bidder will take her.In other words marriage is like a marketplace where girls are auctioned. What this means is that a woman is like a property can be bought and the man can buy as many properties (women) as he wishes.

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It affects many countries and it is really shameful and very sad. In southern Madagascar, too, there is what is called "Tsenan'Ampela 'or "Girls market". It is institutionalized by the culture of an ethnic group. It is traded publicly the price of the girl, they are put to auction. Girls must satisfy the buyer. Most of them are underage girls. That's why we are here to expose and help eradicate these bad practices

When will the girl child enjoy life to its fullest? We need to start a campaign on this issue of auctioning girls. Its a silent issue affecting many girls and I have realized that it is happening in many places. Oh Girl child, when will you be free from violence, marginalization, exploitation and abuse?

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it's true, who does not dream of being a princess one day! Unfortunately, most girls are still living under very difficult. I think the girls need the moral support especially that "she can break this silence. We must also educate people why it is not if they stop acting like that

Yes the pledging of children in marriage to men old enough to be their fathers is a disgusting practice. For me it is not much different from sexual slavery with the only exception that the woman is given to one man. Keep fighting for these women. The ladies we worked with for that report I otld you about were Sanaty Moh and Mianko Ramaroson. Mianko is now based in South Africa and Sanaty is still there in Madagascar.

I totally agree with you, in the sense that this is the same between polygamy and Dominantion by one partner. But I would still like clarify, these women are victims of ignorance, they do not know their rights. I do not like is the selfishness of men. "He is spoiled in love and money at the same time". While women suffer too much in the education of children and attend to the needs of men. What is serious and sad these men have the blessing of the parents of girls or women.

Hello Zacyrus, Read your post I think you reflect each an d every ounce of strength to move a mountain.You remind me of a campaign we did with young women sometime in 2009 to create awareness for women to acquire a birth certificate,national identity card and insurance fund.It was not easy at first,but when we got networking with community based organisation.We succeeded in at least enuring 20 women accessed this document.The exercise still goes on.And am glad women are enjoying equal rights.Keep on.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

it's hard to educate and convince women to have birth certificates and identity cards. It must first inform them about the need for these documents. It's a long process that requires courage and initiative. We are all responsible to face such a situation

Hi Zacyrus,

Thank you for what you've shared about breaking the silence and how Web 2.0 might be used to help as a place for exchanging ideas and identifying the needs of women in Madagascar (and beyond) to start. How do you think illiterate women in your country can best be reached? Is there a way to transfer the discussion that happens in online communities into people's homes or other safe community gathering spaces?

I am also curious about your photo of the women in the Military Academy in Madagascar. Would you say that the military is viewed as a means of empowerment for women -- are women in the military in your country held at a higher status?

Thanks for everything you've shared, and best wishes to you!


thank you for having responded to my article. First of all, I am quite convinced that social networks pourrient rather a way for empowerment of women in Madagascar. Internet access is becoming increasingly less expensive because of competition for Internet providers. The only problem is that we lack awareness of this new medium. Then, I think that illiterate women can benefited the benefits of Web 2.0 provided us the mastery already share our experiences. is done gradually by the introduction to reading and writing. before introducing them to handle computers and internet. For military women, I find that becoming a military is another form of empowerment of women. is an opportunity to demonstrate that we are able to face different kinds of suffering, we show we are strong, we are courageous, we are not afraid to face obstacles. there are 17 women and they are all officers in Madagascar. But after 28 October, will be 33. They occupy important positions in government and medical sectors. The reason is simple, before entering the academy, they must have at least a Master's degree or doctorate. riana

Hi Riana,

Yes, it seems that increased internet access is a great way to break the "digital divide" and I know there are computer programs out there that promote literacy, but it makes sense that an intro. to reading and writing are the place to start. I am also interested in learning about societies with strong oral storytelling traditions and how those traditions could be transferred to an online setting.

Very interesting to learn about the presence of women officers in your military. I would imagine these women, whose numbers are increasing, do serve as powerful role models for education and leadership!

Thanks for sharing,


Dearest Zacyrus,

Thank you for sharing your very clear and courageous voice with us and speaking on behalf of your community.

Your vision is felt, your voice is heard and enCOURAGED.

Keep sharing, STEP by STEP.

Best wishes to you as your VOF journey (and other journeys) continue too.

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