Prison Antanimora Women demand the abolition of life imprisonment Antanimora prison is the largest home security Madagascar. It is broken in two: the men and women. Regarding the latter, the female quarters can find about 200 people, most of which have not yet tried. Over an area less than 300 square meters, the inmates are divided into groups of four categories. Each category has a room. About forty people sharing the same room and organize themselves. A chief shall organize their society. The leader shares the small chores. It settles disputes in cases of dispute between detained. The chief is appointed by the co-maids. And outside, the head is the easier of the prisoners, that is to say, the richest and sometimes the strongest (physically). She dominates and controls his "disciples." It also serves as the interlocutor with agents penitentiaries. In material terms, the room is 5 meters by 10 meters. Quarantines of prisoners sleep in the same bed. Boards and planks processed with a common bed floors. It uses only one bulb and there is only one large iron gate to enter, and a single window for light. Night, women live an ordeal total lack of ventilation and because of the saturation. They have no cupboards for personal belongings, we put the bags or baskets under the bed. And note, we have no right to take the place of others. Women prisoners have a shared shower and toilet. As for the foods they eat cassava, once a day in prison. Ration is provided by the government. Fortunately for women, charities like nuns offer a meal every Wednesday, on the other association ensures Saturday. However, some inmates have the privilege of eating three times a day because their family comes to the supplies. Only, during the holidays that the Ministry of Justice gives the rice with meat. For the care, there is an infirmary in the prison compound. Patients are entitled to a free consultation. Unfortunately, it lacks a lot of medication. In case of serious illness, one in a hospital evacuation is possible. For pregnant women, she can see a midwife for pre-natal consultations at a health center based outside the prison but is just 50 meters from the main gate Antanimora. At the time of delivery, the Malagasy government supports the necessary expenses. The woman is carried in a public maternity in the city. She stayed there for three days except in case of complications, and the right up in a week. Once restored, it returns to prison with her child. Fortunately, pregnant women and women with children do not share the same room with others. Of convicted dead in Madagascar, there is always the death sentence in legal texts. But as we do over the death penalty, the penalties are converted into life imprisonment. A Antanimora four women will remain low until the end of their lives. They are sentenced to hard labor for life. They are all involved in theft and child trafficking. Faced with this situation, women prisoners appealed to the Malagasy authorities to abolish life imprisonment because they have children out. The future of children is destroyed along with the imprisonment of their mothers. In our investigation, the husbands abandon their families when their wives are imprisoned. Children become orphans.

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I would say the government should make sure that prison conditions should improve. I however think those who commit crime should be prepared to face the consequences. If you love your children, do not do anything criminal that will result in you leaving them when you have to go to jail. And i feel it's a bit unfair to think that the kids of child-traffickers will be left without a mother, what were those women thinking when they were removing innocent children from their own mothers. As women, let's just stay away from crime and be involved in things that make our families and communities a wonderful place.

I agree with complaining about prison conditions which should be human. On the other hand, Carlotta got the point I think: women involved in child traffic, that's absurde. Women have the splendid gift of giving life, so they should just stay away from all forms of child abuse. Maybe misery led them to be involved in such thing, but it's pretty hard to justify anyway. I would, instead meditate on the abused children: both the victims of these women as well as their sons and daughters. Who will take care of them? Who will explain them what's going on? Who will support and heal the trauma? Truth is children are those who pay...



Dear Zacyrus, Thank you so much for this article. As Carlotta said before,, me to think that why every person do not think about future of their childern,families and ownselves!!!!!!though they know about the result of the crime!!!! Anyway crime is crime and it's takes place everywhere The prison's environment must be improved .

Thank you, I read this with avery sore heart, and it has also promted me to flag thesuffering of women prisoners in Zimbabwe, watch the space.

Dudziro Nhengu

It is quite true that the government must take steps to improve the life of a woman in prison. Anyway, our minister of justice is a woman who knows very well the role of a mother in a family. Unfortunately, in Madagascar as in many other countries, being a prisoner means to be lost or forgotten. Even the government oversights and takes into account their existence. I totally agree with you, in the sense that no one is above the law. Do not have an impunity that is either a man or a woman. The criminal must consume the consequences of these actions. However, most people do not realize the seriousness of these acts after their convictions. The reason is simply poverty, some people do not know what to do for money. There are those who are content with easy money. Moreover, corruption is gaining ground currently in Madagascar because of the unending political crisis that exacerbates social problems. Faced with this situation, this is where women will act as a responsible mother directing her children, her family into the right channels. But are they really the right and the means to do so because they are even in embarrassing situations because of the difficulty of life and especially a certain sense of irresponsible men.

I think government should prepare prisioners to be reintegrated into the society. Life imprisonment is much more expensive for everybody. If prisioner have a space where they learn useful and profitable activities, they can be part of the society again, and they probably won't repeat their mistakes. At least, that's what I think.

My heart goes to those women caught up in the rough situation. The world is not an easy home to live in now.One can be innocent growing believing that the world will understand their ways,and therefore when it becomes harsh,people become vulnerable and can therefore result to bad influence.

It is not easy to judge the wrong doers,it only calls for a reflection in how individuals impact negatively or positively to people around you.Prison ideally is meant for correction and a time of remorsefulness once reintergrated into the community.

However prison has turned into a den vagabonds,hardcore criminals,hardened souls that can do anything weird to get what they want. Happy Weekend friends and hope to meet you more in class.

Lucia Buyanza -Clinical Instructor