Over 1400 years ago Islam demanded that men and women be equal before God, and gave them various right such the right to inheritance the right of vote the right to work and even choose their own partners in marriage. For centuries now in Afghanistan woman have been denied these rights either by official government decree or by their own husband father and brother. In the old time (1996-2001) women don’t have any duty even they were worker for their husband just they work until husband be comfortable when their husband dead they were the same of inheritance and they to inherit same of other things but now it isn’t the same of old time in this time every women has duty the same men they can work out of house learning education in some organization. They can go out for picnic with their family or friends the girl can go to school and they can teach in school and other place. It is good for us. We are free and we can be the same of human in susity.