In my idea children in Afghanistan haven’t any rights.

As you know that some of the afghan families haven’t any attention to their children. I think that live for afghan children is very hard, because our country haven’t any facility for children. For example: other country has the land of football, park good school, and est. just for children but in Afghanistan hasn't any park or zoo and etc.

For children a devein sometimes afghan children don’t eat enough food. As you know that some of the children Afghanistan have to work to factory or in shop or some of them have to hawking in the street. Even in cold water or hot weather.

But other country their children to that age go to school and very comfortable in their home. They can play in the park football can go to school. In my idea live in Afghanistan for the children is very hard. Specshally some of parents that haven’t attention to them. I think we should try that in future improve that future s children have a beautiful life. I think Afghanistan cant give enough rights to children and because of some this matter more of the afghan children don’t go school or some of them that so small have to work that can came some money to home. Some of these children their children their father in during war of Afghanistan killed and some them their brother or their mother killed or even some of children lost their family and in big world isn’t any person that can help to them. Live in Afghanistan for some of the children that they lost on of family member are very hard. Specsshally in Afghanistan that isn’t very work for people.

I hope that arrive a day that all of the Afghan family understand eachother, and they can help to poor children.

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Dear Zainab,

It was really heart touching while I read through your journal. You are right dear, children's rights are not regarded fully in Afghanistan. In fact, when I hear or see any young child working hard to earn only less money in order to survive and be a point of survival for her/his family members, I become too frustrated. But dear believe me, it is you, me and others who can think of the solutions rather than blaming others for it as some do, so we can change this situation. So hopefully, one day we will be the change in our community.

Best wishes,

Mursal Hamraz