Don't be Timid with your Talents LEARN TO TRUST THEM

Shivani Saharia
Posted June 27, 2016 from India

Everyone is gifted with talent - it's just some people don't open their package..!

This article is mainly for thousands and hundreds of youngsters out there and for the parents who have kids, about to step into their career life. This the story of me and million others which I am voicing in terms of the ones who sacrificed their talents/interests and future somewhere agreeing to parents interest and dropping down their own will. "Sometimes the most intelligent and brilliant minds do not shine in standardized tests. Because they do not have standardized minds. " Is it important to Excel in life we need strong academic front? This is a voice to a girl who is no more in this world and sacrificed herself just because of the pressure and enforcement, beating she went through by her parents because they wanted her to be a science student. After her suicide, as the result of the previous grade was declared she scored 85%. But what about her interest? Being science student was more than being a daughter? If we agree to other choice and persue with it at some point we will surely feel it as a burden and couldn't go through it at a peak and at the end the result will be failure and getting collapsed. It may result in mental and physical depression that results in increasing number of unemployed people.

As everybody is gifted with a package of talents why not to detect and nourish it more. It will equally make you happy as that of being a scientist and engineer.

In today's world, we can't call anyone uneducated or illiterate. The reason behind, for example a person had anroid phone and the other person which is lesser that him in terms finance. But both equally have the knowledge how to use it. Same goes for the one having qualifications and the one with no qualifications but both will be knowing how to use the cell phone etc.

Nothing is lesser or more, it's all equal and everything has a positive layout whether it's done in anyway. Whether it is all about exploring a talent or excelling in academic field.

We own a life once. Why not make the best of it.!! Worth living and letting others live on their terms & conditions .!!

The real success is in interest.

"And the saddest thing in Life is wasted Talent. "

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  • leila Kigha
    Jun 30, 2016
    Jun 30, 2016

    Hiya Zainshah!

    Wow an amazing write up there.

    I see my day to day life in your story because working as a personal facilitator or coach, I eet people with potential but they are living the dreams of other people.

    Unfortunately in Africa especially we are brought up with a mindset that some jobs are better than others as such our education is usually directed towards those insoite of us.

    We have great artists struggling to live as Doctors etc.

    It is a journey of self discovery that permits for one to live iut his potential.

    I weep for the young lady who had to take her life.we need to shine the light more on this and permit our girls to live authentic and passionate lives irrespective of the career choice.

    Raise your voice higher my dear and dont relent.


  • Shivani Saharia
    Jun 30, 2016
    Jun 30, 2016

    Hey Kariz, Good Day!! Thanks for reading my post and appreciating it. Well, it's in majority cases we are degraded in terms of career choices maybe on the basis of strength or gender violation. It's not only the case for females but males too.

    This is what I came forward with, in words. Keep updated. Hope I can come up with more voices.

    I would love to hear it from you.

    Regards, Zaini

  • echo demitrez
    Jul 01, 2016
    Jul 01, 2016


    It's a wonderful article that you have written. Each thought conveys some message. Anyone can get inspired by reading it. I'm cool after reading it. In you I visualize a friend who has a lot to share especially when she talks of latent or hidden talent. Good to have met you online. 


    Echo Demitrez prays for you!

  • Shivani Saharia
    Jul 01, 2016
    Jul 01, 2016

    Hey Echo Demitrez Good Day,

    It is so heart warming and encouraging when you writing are been appreciated and it is good to be heard thay my voice really makes a difference and one finds their own stories or experience which they never disclosed.

    It really means a lot and gains me confident to write more for this community.

    Would love to contribute as much as I can through my voice. Thanks for reading..



  • Dana Anderson
    Jul 03, 2016
    Jul 03, 2016

    Hi Zainshah,

    I love the line: "We own a life once." This is a motto that we should all hold to, and remember throughout the challenging times that we face! You are very right in urging us all to seek our own passions and follow our own talents. Our first duty is to ourselves; if we are not living up to our own potentials, how can we serve others'? Thank you for giving me so much to think about and for being such a strong voice!


  • Shivani Saharia
    Jul 03, 2016
    Jul 03, 2016

    Hey Dana,

    Good Day Its a great honour to write for world pulse. Thanks for appreciating me.

    It means alot more and motivates and inculcate confidence in me.