When I was in Peshawar Pakistan and working with Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) for Afghan refugees, we were doing different seminar and workshops and had different women learning centers to empower Afghan women. There was an Afghan woman in Jalozai Afghan Campus. Her name was Pari Gul she was facing family and psychological problems, she was 13 years old girl bound to marry a man who had already two other wives, she was the third, as she was alone in the world her family was murdered in Afghan civil war. Her husband and his two wives were torturing her after marriage, and she was serving them as a servant, she was waiting how to solve her problem. AIL had a center in that campus to solve women’s problem. As I found her problem I introduced her to the center, she joined the tailoring and literacy classes. During six month we worked with her to empower her in different sides like social, psychological, family, communication, flexibility, adaptation, think positively, how to be a good listener, different ways to face challenges, having good manner, self affiance, self devotion, respect others, loyalty, kindness, creative, generous, seeking realty, patience, responsible, how to become self reliance, loving her family, how to reach to the two worlds luckiness, Modesty …. We were not working with her, but we also worked with almost 15 other women. After passing the class, after six month we evaluated her, she had changed her live style she became a good tailor and she started to sew clothes for her family members and others and get money to earn her and her family living, it was the beginning of a new life for her. Her husband and his two other wives realized that she a good personality and they were happy that she can help them economically and changed their attitude positively.

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Creating independence in such a dependent situation can be the best gift that someone could receive and achieve. Thanks for helping women have that gift, in which it creates a positive outcome, not only for the woman who gains a sense of sovereignty from her bleak life, but the community as a whole. Now, the community is gaining advantage from the woman who realizes her self worth.

You have done such pious work by helping the women and bringing positive results.developing so much qualities in the women helped her to be independent and now she can live her life with her own style and way.You completely changed the life.Looking forward to hear more from you Pooza

I am moved by this story of empowerment and independence. How sad that Pari's family did not see her inner beauty until she started helping them economically but I applaud the team at AIL who obviously saw her potential and drew out her hidden talents. You took a woman who lived in fear, sadness and despair, and not only gave her hope but raised her standing in her family. The work you do is so inspiring and I look forward to hearing more stories from AIL.

Peace be with you, Janice