child marrige in Afghanistan

Zakia Nazari
Posted February 20, 2011 from Afghanistan

This was very painful and uneasy for me while I saw a young girl who must have fun and live and learn with her childhoods happily and enjoy, because of rule and law which is not in our religious and government law is using in some area in our country and it bound the families to leave their home town and live awful some where else. 25 years ago the power was in hand of cruel men who changed the law for their benefits and the some civilians of that area were working just for them and they created lots of problems for the civilians. Two families had strife between each other, because one of the girls from a family without permission of her family went with the boy of the next family and marry him. After Jirga (the meeting of powerful men in the area to solve problems) they decide to marry the 7th year’s old girl with a man in the other family. The brothers of that girl left the meeting and they knocked to every jurist door to help them but the powerful men changed the rules. The family of that girl bound to leave their home town and live in some else province and they lived awful because of them in the else province. In hey days of that girl’s life most of the men proposed to marry her, but her family did not let her to marry, because they guessed that she married years ago. I told my cousin who had good relations with them to convince them, as he was an expert man he convince them with argue and let them understand that she was a child while they married her with that man and according to Islamic law she has the right to do not accept that marriage. Then one of my cousins married her by understanding that they may face problems in future too from those men, and now she lives happily, and I feel comfort that I was a member of who helped her. Zakia Nazari Academic Advisor AIL

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