Tribal NGOs Consortium strongly condemns killing of the two Christian brothers in Faisalabad Punjab by the religious fundamentalist elements who have made the society as hostage. Killing a human being should not be justified by just saying that he or she said some blasphemous remarks against a religious entity or sacred place and book etc. There are many people in this society who have their own grudges against people of the other sect or religion. They use the religion to justify their wrongdoings but it could not be justified in any case. Individuals are not permitted to harm a citizen or to kill him/her. This is an inhuman act and is to be condemned. The government is demanded to take action against such unlawful wrong doings, arrest the culprits and give them punishment as per law of the land.

Regards Zar ali khan Chairman Tribal NGOs Consortium Peshawar/FATA

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Religion can be beautiful and it can also be ugly. The fate of its beauty is in the hands of the people where once they use violence as the voice for their spirituality, their religion becomes a tool of hate and not love like it should be. Furthermore, religion becomes a tool in which we can blame for our selfish and unnecessary behavior. I appreciate this entry because it is a prominent issue all over the world.