Political Administration fined students for staging a protest against arrest of their fellow student by Political Agent

Zar Ali Khan
Posted August 4, 2010 from Pakistan

It was January 7, 2010 when, in Jamrud, Khyber Agency FATA the students of various education institutions came to the streets and road after hearing that the political Administration had arrested one of their students in a so called search operation. The student was sent to jail. The students demanded of the Political Administration to release their fellow student as he was an innocent person and was never involved in subversive activities. The political Administration registered a case against 20 students leaders and fined them 50000(Pakistani Rupees) each for staging a protest against the Administration and in favor of their fellow student. Latter on 7 out of 20 students were exonerated of the fine but the rest of were ordered to deposit the fine immediately for they had violated political Administration law where there is no such permission for any body to protest on any thing happens to them. They will have to keep mum and tolerate every type of the brutality and barbarism of the Political Administration. This is called the black law of FCR which is imposed on FATA and this law does not permit any body to stage a demo, issue press release or at least to protest for some one who is incarcerated in jail for the crime he/she does not know. The political Administration convened a Jirga of the tribal Mashran and directed them to accept the bail of the students who had protested. Mashran accepted the demand of Political Agent/Assistant Political Agent at Jamrud Tehsil. There have been almost 7 months that the Mashran demand of the students to deposit the fine otherwise they will go to the jail.

In FATA where there is militancy all around. Most of the schools are closed and students suffered heavily. The economy is deteriorated. The education ratio is at lowest ebb but still the political Administration has been putting fine on the students which further alienate the students to continue study. Tribal NGOs Consortium demands of the Political Administration to issue the order to remit the fine on students so that they could continue their study because students are always out of pockets and such financial hardships will further aggravate their problems and will create hurdles in their way to keep their study continued.

Regards Zar Ali Khan Musazai(Afridi) Chairman Tribal NGOs Consortium Peshawar/FATA tncfata@gmail.com +92-3015963337

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