It was reported in a section of Pakistani press that two toddlers in Kurram Agency died due to non availability of the life saving drugs in hospitals there. This is not the first time that we hear horrible news like it but the international community is slumbering deep either knowing nothing or does not like to know it. When children are dying in hospitals due to non availability of the medicine then what to say of the dreaded situations made the Pashtun nation as a hostage. This nation has been made hostage by terrorists and Pakistan alike. What type of the state is it when it is unable to clear road leading from Parachinar to Peshawar from the siege of the terrorists. This is alarming and all those who have heart in chests should come forward and help Pashtun nation and save them from further destruction by the criminal hands of Punjabi politician.military and militant alike. Regards Zar ali khan musazai Political and social worker and Spokeman Tribal Development Forum TDF