Posted January 4, 2011 from Afghanistan

LOVE: one day a woman came out from her house and saw three man that looked like beggers they told her we are tired and hungry.Then she said come in. Then they said just one of us can come in, Go and speak with your family who they choose tell them to choose one of us our names are: love, richness and power. She went home and told to her family about that her husband told tell the power to come because if we have power we do every thing and her biy said no tell the richness to come because if we have money we can buy everything but her small daughter said that please tell the love to come and they accept because they loved the small girl then she went out and told the them love can come then she saw that they all stood up and interde home. She said you said that just one of you can come they answered that if you choose power or richness just one of us could come but every where that love is we are also there.

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