This story is a fact about a girl who had been . She was a good girl her name is Kobra she was in 11th grade and she was an intelligent girl and also she was beautiful. She always helped her mother and her father loved her a lot and always said that Kobra is the best girl and she wanted to be a doctor and her family always cheered her. One day a boy told her that I love you but she didn’t pay attention to him and he became so angry and limited her that if you don’t accept I will do something wrong with you but she didn’t afraid. One day that she was coming from school the boy that limited her kidnapped her and he violated to her. Her family lost her and they searched a lot but they didn’t find her and after two days she came back and told the matter to her family. When her father understood he couldn’t tolerance this and he killed her daughter. This was the story of an Afghan girl she became victim of this society and unsecurity.

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