everythng is possible

Posted February 12, 2011 from Afghanistan

Everything is possible: In the world we are living people are trying to do the thing, they think they are fit and can do it but mostly most of the people get disappointed after a long time trying. Although there are many difficulties, you can everything you like. In order to be successful in your affairs, firstly you should be interested in doing the job. For sure there are many problems or hard situations which you face during working and if you be interested enough with that job, you will forget them and take those difficulties easy and try more and more. Secondly you should check your abilities if you are talented or no? Because every person has her/his own natural abilities and sometimes if you see you get tired of your job and find it very hard to go ahead with, it is only because of your talent. Third factor that helps you a lot is patient. You should be patient and have a good tread with your job even if sometimes there are some jobs which are really difficult; you should patient enough to cope with the problems or hardships in your job. Finally you should be thankful of your God for everything you have event for the thing that you understate them and always criticize about them, you should be thankful because of there are hardships that you know about the value of the thing you love. Suppose there were no any hardships on that time you would never notice about the beauties in your life. So start to see the world pesimstly and with a new point of view and I am sure you would be happy and satisfy from yourself and your life.

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