Women in Afghanistan

As you all know God created woman and man as human that they can not continue their life without each other that all religions accepted this and believe it but their idea about the dividing power between them is different and every of them have different ideas about to the position of women Islam has a different idea among other religions but unfortunately there are some people who interdicted them selves as clergies that they don’t know any thing about Islam and this is the duty of our real clergies that fight against them and return the real position of women to them also our society is so traditional yet that in this kind of idea or society there is no position for women our wrong culture and costume keeps women in the fences of walls that event it became a believe for Afghan women that thy are week as much as we look to the life of Afghan women it became blacker women in Afghanistan are like a thing or tool yet that simply they can buy or sell her they just use her for working at home nowadays the situation of Afghan women is better than last years . Of course by helping of foreign countries nowadays women can educate, decide and work out side event as a politician there are some organizations that work about stopping violence against women and defending from women’s right that thy could be almost successful but these organizations are not enough for solving Afghan women problems I think because of solving this problem we should search for other solutions that fortunately AIL organization could solve the problems of many Afghan women This organization by holding different classes and seminars for women could serve to women . I am Zeinab Sarvari .from Heart, Afghanistan .I am 18 years old .I am a teacher in AIL organization .I would love to have your opinions about my topic .

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Hello, Zeinab.... it is so good to hear your voice! I work for Creating Hope International, who assists the Afghan Institute of Learning. I have met Sakena Yacoobi, and I an honored to do what I can to help AIL.

It is exciting to see your article, and read your thoughts. The women of the world need to hear the voices of Afghan women. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Best wishes,


Sondra Johnson Creating Hope International

Hello Zeinab, You work as a teacher reminds me of what i saw once on a T-shirt: 'If you read this, thank a teacher'. Teachers make us who we are and i am very happy to meet you and to learn that you are a teacher in Afganistan. yes i agree with you that women can educate others and therefore should be empowered to do so. It is beautiful to hear your beautiful voice and know your thoughts.

I look forward to reading from you your experiences as teacher nd advocate in your community. You are most welcome Zeinab. The great and beautiful teacher.


Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation www.greightfoundation.org

Hi Zeinab,

You journal is so powerful. As a global community we are so eager to hear from women in Afghanistan speaking to your needs and your current situation. It is so exciting to have you in our community and to hear your strong voice and wise words.

Please share with us more about the work that AIL is doing. I have heard a little about AIL, but would love to hear from you about the programs and initiatives that your organization are doing to empower women in Afghanistan.

In friendship, Jade