The burned dreams of Afsana

Posted March 13, 2010 from Afghanistan

A few years ago there was a beautiful and happy girl by the name of Afsana after she finished high school she started to teach in an organization as a literacy teacher but after a few months a suitor came for her by this case that Afsana was not goingto get marry she acsepted to get merry because the suiotr was her uncle family. after three months she went to her husband house. After one month or so,‎ ‎ her mother in law and sister of Bashir started to butter her because they ‎wanted to force her to abandon her work but Afsana didn\rquote t agree and then ‎her father in law who was her uncle made her fitters and after that every they ‎by different ‎ excuses they made Afsana fitters. A few months latter Afsana spoke with her ‎parents about her problem and after speaking they decided to divide her home ‎from her uncle home and Bashir got a new house for her but the problem ‎ was not solved because Bashir always went to his mother home and her mother and ‎her sister always incited him against Afsana. After a while Afsana born a ‎daughter but unfortunately the situation of her life didn\rquote t get better ‎until a night, which ‎ her daughter was so sick and her husband Bashir came home late and afsana told ‎him:why did you went to your mother home when you knew that your daughter is ‎sick. It was an excuse for Bashir, then he attack to her and made her fitters. ‎Afsana could ‎ not sleep that night and in the early morning she decided to commit suicide ‎because she thought that there is no any other hope for living, so she went to ‎the cellar and burned her self with benzene. Now ‎ Bashir is in the prison and his daughter is orphan and the court just rewarded ‎him for three years. I am Zeinab Sarvari form Afghanistan.

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  • Jade Frank
    Mar 13, 2010
    Mar 13, 2010

    Dearest Zeinab,

    What a heartbreaking story. It pains me to hear of Afsana's struggle, her abuse from Bashir, her forced circumstance and lack of personal control and direction for her own life, and the deep pain within herself that drove her to commit suicide. Sentencing Bashir to prison is acting too late. Justice needs to start from the beginning and act as protection of one's rights, not as a reactionary punishment for crimes that should not have evolved to this state. We must work towards creating a global society where women are protected by the law, not sacrificed and where women have choices for determining their own futures. Women worldwide must work together, raise our voices and continue demanding our rights.

    I mourn the life of Afsana and I pray for her orphaned daughter. And I thank you Zeinab for telling her story.

    In friendship, Jade

  • Sondra Johnson
    Mar 14, 2010
    Mar 14, 2010

    Thank you for your story, Zeinab. Your words carry much power. I pray for the day when women like Afsana can have a family, become educated, and live in peace.

  • Nusrat Ara
    Mar 29, 2010
    Mar 29, 2010

    That is really sad. I pray and hope the life of her daughter is much better.