Introducing myself and my journal: Hidden Factors for Women's Representation as "Commercial Objects" in Media

Zelalem Nemera Bultum
Posted September 2, 2010 from Ethiopia

About Me: I was born in 1979 in Ethiopia. I lost my father to rest while i was a kid. I was grown up in a female headed household observing all the miracles that face female headed households. By now, the effort of my mother seems fruitful. I graduated in Gender Studies with MA degree. Now i am working to avoid the social evils against woman's human and democratic rights. to this end I actively engaged in teaching, research, training etc in the area of gender equity and woman's empowerment.I am a male biologically but committed feminist ideologically.

My Passions: The heart of prominent feminists like Mary Wollstonecraft

My Challenges: Lack of recoginition to my being committed feminist and ignorance of some organizations stand for the same goal

My Vision for the Future: Women equally and equitably enjoing as men in all spheres of life everywhere in the world

My Areas of Expertise: Gender Studies

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  • Fatima Waziri - Azi
    Sep 02, 2010
    Sep 02, 2010

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