Web 2.0 is the archway of the users because it has new media, social media and the world wide networking. This set of tools and technologies are the keys for users to unlock every count of the closed doors. The users who can participate in Web 2.0 can reveal their creations and ideas freely. One of the applications of web 2.0, Face book, Twitter and You Tube are popular among both youths and adolescences. New media, use of Web 2.0, support the users to exhibit their creativity in the new set of tools such as You Tube and Wiki etc. The users can open the readers' eyes to know the world. For instance, the child abuse hidden news about Cameroon girls by Shekina was shown before the people so that they who can stand for that community can attempt to release the cries of Cameroon' girls. The higher technologies wake up every person to touch the world just by a click. In previous time, the news without a click (internet) was not as speedy as today. A period of time was needed to read what had happened to even the local area .Yet now; the people can be aware of just a click. Actually the new media and Web 2.0 provide not only for knowledge but for the progress of the users' life as well. Most universities are using You Tube to advertise their universities and .Therefore the students can choose the universities they prefer and the outcomes will be fabulous. In wiki, if the users want to read about the biographies of famous scientists’ like Einstein, they can visit to http://www.wikimindmap.org to scan the scientific publications of Einstein just by a click. The women all over the world will receive more knowledge and they can open their hearts by Web 2.0 .In Burma saying says that “When your mother is by you, she will share your sadness but you have to cry alone when your mom is away. This Web 2.0 has already changed that saying .We, the women don’t need to cry alone anymore and can share their feeling now. This is an excellent opportunity for the isolated ones just by a click.

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Let me invite you all to read my first week 1 assignment . In this writing I put all my strength and this is the very first step of my life .It fills with many hopes not only for me but for my society as well.After reading , you can post the comments and suggest freely. Thanks a millions! Zin Zar

Hello Zin Zar, I admire your spirit. Keep up the good work.Great article

Best regards, Monica

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Hi Monica! Thanks a million for reading my journal . Let's attempt together and share our experience . Let's put all of our strength for our community .

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DearZin Zar

You speak the truth! I am just across the border (the north east region of India), and I can tell you that web2.0 is the only way for many,many people in our areas access information and communicate as there is no other alternative.


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You are absolutely right ,friend because I was a blind of knowledge before but using internet opens my eyes a lot and now I have got a amazing chance to be friend with you though we are at far distance.Let's try together and share the knowledge. Thanks for reading my journal! Zin Zar

Dear ZinZar,

Thank you for your thoughts on Web 2.0's capacity to empower us. I was really touched by your statement "We the women don't need to cry alone anymore...." In addition, it was your essay with its reference to Shekina's post on World Pulse that opened my eyes to the plight of young girls in Cameroon. Thank you.

I would like to know more about why Web 2.0 is personally exciting for you in your own life and how the tools of technology and social media are empowering to you. What are your thoughts?

All the best, Susa

Hi, Susa! I try to answer your question as much as I can.But you should visit to my journal and I tried my best. The title is " The conversion of my life". Thanks a lot! Zin Zar

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Zin Zar. Like Susa, I was wondering if you could tell a bit about how Web 2.0 is empowering for you personally.

You did a great job! I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you! Myrthe

Hi , Myrthe !

I am glad to hear that .I will attempt to post my journal more and more .Please visit to my journal and post your commend freely . OK?

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Dear Zin Zar, Your first assignment was very good. I really liked the Burmese saying and your take on it. You seem to be really insightful and I look forward to reading more ABOUT YOU in your future posts. Let your voice shine!



Thanks for appreciation ,Violeta.You empower me a lot to keep on my way.If you would like to read more articles ,you can visit to my journal and please post me comments freely.

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