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If we would like to discuss about the world, we need to start from every count of a person's lifestyle and culture. We, human beings, can't deny that we are the prey of the sufferings especially the women because most of the communities in the world are still being oppressed by their communities though they declare the rights for women. The women are stereotyped as the women don't need much education because their responsible is just to keep their house and severe for the family so that they have to stop their education if they can read and write for some families. In my point of view such kind of idea is breaking women right .I would like to highlight the women in that community that the vital role of the education to develop not only their families but their communities as well. To approach a developed country, we need to change the things which are dragging down to poor our community. Now in my community, I see some children who can't study their lessons because of their parents who are odd jobs. Even I would like to rise up the children education, they are not permitted by their parents who accept that they can solve hunger without education .I would like to give awareness to them. I have tried to talk to them the importance of education but I failed at that time. But I believe that VOF program will show me the way to solve those problems by meeting the wonderful women in this program. I don't want to live a narrow world just in my community, I would like to touch the whole world and listen to the hidden voices and then I can share their feeling. I see that I can seek the way to change my life by being a VOF Correspondent .Before I knew VOF , I just saw my small community but now I know myself I have responsible to take care of the whole world. I do like the sentence that tells "World Pulse believes that having someone to support you is key to achieving your potential." I need to reveal my abilities for my community. In five month training program, I will have a chance to have a conversation with skillful experts. I will get much knowledge and my eyes will open more so that I can support to open my communities eyes .VOF focuses on creating a transformational partnership .Therefore I can activate my vision for change but I must transform myself first by being a VOF Correspondent. Being a VOF Correspondent will help me a lot because this program will urge me to clear my vision more and more. Then it will support me to get the problems solution so that will help my community a lot how to approach the problems. For being a human, we should be alive not just for ourselves. We must be a part of our community to promote it. Especially for women, we can help each other by being a VOF Correspondent. Though we are different ethnic and faith traditions, we all are the same in the arms of VOF. It reveals that the women are optimistic ones . I have listened the changes of success stories by web 2.0 and they empowered a lot .I also want to give empowerment to the women who are facing difficulties. To achieve my goal ,I have to attempt lonely at first.Yet in VOF program ,there are many skillful ones who can give me very splendid ideas to create my vision. This place is the one I have dreamed before and being a part of VOF program reminds me to be an industrious one and alert me that I am standing an important part of my community. Even the beginning of this program helps me a lot .Actually; I have no words to express the wonderful results after being a VOF Correspondent. And we, all the women who want the better changes, are marching to the success by unity in VOF so that I would like to be one of them.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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Good Luck all of my friends! We all tried the best as much as we can ,right ? Whatever it is , we hope to be friends forever by sharing our stories.

Best Wishes! Zin Zar

Good Luck all of my friends! We all tried the best as much as we can ,right ? Whatever it is , we hope to be friends forever by sharing our stories.

Best Wishes! Zin Zar

We ,most of the women ,have to stay at home and they have to devote their time for their families so that that situation make them apart from the world.How pity they are ! In my point of view ,though they are giving their time for families ,they can read books and join the media like VOF .It will help them much benefit ,I think.

And how about you? Best wishes! Zin Zar

Education is one of the gates to success for a person , according to my experience .We have the same point of view ,right? My vision is that to open the blind ones' eyes to see the real world by education . Let me be your friend!

Best Wishes!

Zin Zar

Yes, Zin Zar, you are one of the many women who wish to be chosen as a VOF correspondent. Only time will tell. What I can tell you is that I felt your heart in this week's assignment. I could feel how strongly you felt about being a force for powerful change in our world as you "listen to the hidden voices" that long to be heard.

You are correct by saying that first you must change yourself. VOF would be a wonderful gift for you. For one, it would connect you to a world-wide forum of other powerful women seeking a better world.

Your ideas are beautiful and worthy. Never forget that! All you need is a little help making your written voice clearer to those who read what you write. I believe that the VOF program would help in that regard, as well as help you clarify your vision. Regardless of whether you are a finalist, you have important work to do. I send you strength and courage to continue your good work!

Blessings for all good things, Zin Zar!

Thanks a lot for your advice ,bluepearl ! I will try next time to post my journal clearer than before .Your inspiration makes me stronger .I will attempt till my dreams come true VOF urged me think that how important I am for my community.Now I see my place for them so that I stand tall again .

If the one you believe betrays you and takes everything from you such your glory ,wealth and love etc ,what would you do to him?

Please let me know your idea !

With a lot of hopes! Zin Zar

Dear Zin Zar,

I hope you did not take from my comment that your writing was not clear. It was quite clear! It is normal for one who writes in a secondart language not to be able to express themselves 'in perfect English'. When I read your journal--looking past the grammar or different use of words--your entries were very clear: They reveal a woman of substance, courgage and compassion. Sometimes it is what one FEELS that comes through stronger than the actual words. And communicating WHAT ONE FEELS is truly the most important thing.

All writers can benefit from further study and mentoring, even mine, yes? What I meant to communicate to you is that VOF mentoring would create more clarity in your writing and make it even more powerful. I was most impressed with your writing and with you vision.

Blessings, BP

Hi , no see long time ! You are a really positive one ,BP! If there are many ones like you ,no one will look down on the women any more . I want the people know how the women are strong and how the greatest to the world ! You know, as the chairperson of Newsletters committee in my university have much responsible to take care her work but I have met many friends at VOF and the writing and thinking of practice from VOF support me a lot so that I can manage my members easily and it's really interesting .

I would like to say VOF ,THANKS A MILLION!

See you ! Zin Zar