It was wonderful to connect with you yesterday and today on our training call. Delphine and I have been busy rereading your journals and we feel empowered to know that such dynamic forces exist in this world. Your resilience, intelligence and leadership inspires us!

As I shared on the call, WE are a team. You have the entire World Pulse staff working relentlessly to support your empowerment! You also have your MENTORS and ONE ANOTHER. Find strength from one another!

There was so many women on the second call that we didn't get to hear from everyone on our close out. I would love to hear you in our group!

Please share with us one piece of wisdom, thought or goal for the our work together in the next months.

With Love and Support,

Zoe and Delphine

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It is a great revolutionary we already started. It's just more than connecting we all together, today during the call, while listening to great details with such passion from our beloved Zoe and Delphine, explaining everything in such an eloquent way, i felt loved, empowered, and connected so closely. It was a wonderful beginning. Since the call connection with everyone at the same time all around the world on skype is a bit difficult due to technique issue or connection problem, but it worked because we could type our questions when the audio is not perfectly working. Thank you very much for your patience and love.

Love, Jampa

It was wonderful to sit and listen to you guys with the presentation, and also to say hello to you all in real time over long distance. The world is such a small place - as small as the tiny country I belong to :)

I was actually trying to join the first call - as I have a prior commitment on all weeknights except Thursday. But because of the time difference, I just could not join the first call. It coincides with 3:30am here in Maldives :) I had every intention of staying up - but zonked off around 2 in the morning.

Anyways, I managed to join the second call and I am so glad.

One very important goal for me over the next months is to master the art of collaboration with people from different parts of the world. I am very much used to doing my own writing in my own style, and I have been the one who critiques other people's writing - mostly my students' and colleagues.

This time round, I am going to be on the receiving end of suggestions and feedback and I am sure this is going to be a wonderful learning journey that will help me harness my writing skills - so as to be able to impact change in the society through my writings.

Salaam Aminah

It was absolutely amazing to connect with all of them during the training call. I am sure it has brought us closer, as we now have voices to connect with the beautiful faces.

The next few months are going to be exciting, challenging and uplifting for us as we work together to make this journey memorable.

I would like to share some of the most powerful stories, written by correspondents during the five months, on my facebook (or other social media) wall so that it reaches a wider audience and more people are informed about the same. ( I hope nobody would mind that).

Also remember that each voice counts. We are here for a wonderful purpose. To give voice to the voiceless and bring to light the issues that have so far remained unheard of. Let us fulfill this responsibility with a passionate drive and a smile on our face. Let us always be there for each other, even after the program ends, because everlasting friendships are rare and precious.

So big hug to all. Let us get ready, it is time to shake the world !

Mukut Ray

We are all here cheering you on! Go Correspondents and Mentors, GO! I'm thrilled to see where this journey takes you all, and the communities that you serve. This is just the beginning of something great.

Thank you for being us!

Scott Beck

Dear correspondents and mentors,

The time is here! All of us at World Pulse are ready and eager to officially launch this truly transformational training program, and learn and grow with each one of you! This is such an exciting time!

Warmly, Ellie Angelova World Pulse

I love the thought of your voices chiming in on this call from all over the world! While I haven't had the chance to hear your physical voices yet, I've seen your voices and visions, and the spirit of this already warm and supportive community come to life through your posts and interactions on World Pulse. As a member of World Pulse's editorial team I will have the privilege of reading your assignments throughout the program. I cannot wait! I am really looking forward following you on your journeys through VOF and beyond! You have already opened my eyes to new issues and perspectives, and also to deep wells of courage, creativity, and compassion within yourselves. Your beautiful voices singing out makes me feel much more hopeful about humanity. I can't wait to see you continue to open eyes around the world with your brave words and powerful visions.

In admiration and solidarity,

Kim Crane World Pulse Content Coordinator

When I rode my bike into the office today, I could hear Zoe's and Delphine's excited voices from inside the conference room. It's an exciting time, the start of the new program. Who knows what break-through stories and experiences will be shared. But, several things are certain, you and us, the World Pulse staff will make connections we could only have dreamed of, we will all be in a different place 4 to 6 months from now, and the world is a smaller and more wondrous place because of it all.

Looking forward to reading your stories and perhaps meeting one day!

Kathy Grantz World Pulse

The whole World Pulse team is thrilled to welcome you to the 2013 class of Voices of Our Future! We can't wait to read your stories and connect with you through the World Pulse community. Each one of you represents so much strength, courage, and bravery and we're honored that you are participating with us in this movement to broadcast women's voices wide and far!

In solidarity, Corine

I was having audio problems during the call (this is usual in my country with more than 3 people on Skype). However, looking at the comments here, I can feel the energy you all shared during the call. The photo there illustrates the energy.

I have already started discussing with my Mentors about what we all want to achieve out of this program and the barriers. We are set for our second Skype meeting this Friday!

After the discussions, one goal that topped our list is to take my advocacy to the next level, whereby a greater number of people will benefit from my work. Another goal is to focus on any one of my many ideas and to actually implement it.

Regards, Monica

Its sad I coulld not make it to any of the calls due to time difference, however, I think I can always participate and share my ideas and thoughts. I loved being connected to people from areas I never been to, with women I never met, yet , I was inspirationally connected to them and live their happiness and sadness. I have mentioned once, and will mention it one more time, is the we do not want people to tell us what our rights are, we already know them, rather we need opportunities. If people say women can work, thats almost a fact now, but we want people to apply them and not become biased. We want women to be able to get a divorce, rather than becoming restricted by religious acts and traditional practices, and not by just saying she can, but rather enforce a law to do so. I think on world pulse we will be able to create those opportunity in one way or another, and by the time we create them I will copy and past this post and all the comments to remember it

iam feeling sad because i missed the call. my personal goal is to use technology better and empower more women to use the power of technology to save. yesterday i ran around got a dongle from a friend bought airtime but at 5.45 i was failing to set up skype. my computer needed updates java etc and i trid to download but failed. i was so dissapointed i went straight to bed and i really felt i missed out. zoe i hope the recording will be available for us soon cause we cant wait to hear what transpired. though i missed the call i know i was represented and im glad for the worldpulse team you guys are great. just wish i could get a drop of your energy, i guess i will be able to achieve all my dreams. you inspire me. you are thoughtful and selfless and thats something i have learnt and will treasure. thank you.

my piece of wisdom is from a lady i interviewed this week and it is "bloom where you are". many of us feel that if only i was there or somewhere else or had different circumstances i would do well but now i know wherever iam i can bloom. i can see vast fields of beauty as im sure with worldpulse and VOF im going to see many beautiful gardens from across the world. lets all bloom where we are and create the world we want.

already bllooming.

regards pelagia

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest. regards pela

I am so excited to get to know each and every one of you in beautiful detail! Voices of Our Future Correspondents are a powerful group of change leaders, and I can't wait to see what you will create with your voices and your visions this year.

As you move through this program, please know that you have all of our love, support and respect. You are the voices of our present and our future--reach out and grab your dream!


Rachael Maddock-Hughes

"Tell me then, what will you do with your one wild, sweet, and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

So excited to witness the beauty that you all are creating, the power you harness. We are all here to listen, learn, and support.

With gratitude, Tiffany

I mean breathtaking to actually hear all your voices and get to know you in more closely. It was worth the wait lol although I had stayed in my office till almost 9 but I think it was time well spent. Looking forward to connecting with you all ladies. Both our lovely mentors and lovely correspondents and lovely WP Staff.. you guys are all awesome. Love Deqa

First I met these amazing women here whom I knew just by their names, their writings and some by heir profile pictures. During the call, I got to hear their voices too. It was just so beautiful to hear the voices of sisters from different parts of the world. I would love to partake in such calls over and over again. There is so much beauty when we unite in spite of our differences.

For the months ahead, I would urge my fellow correspondents to look back at our writing assignments and remind ourselves of what we want to achieve during the program. It is very important to stick with the vision. For me, I am holding on to my pen and my camera. Eagerly waiting to begin on Monday.

Love you all! Precious

My pen speaks

I missed both calls, I was unable to participate because I was not home and did not have ready access to the net where I was. I can feel the excitement and the sense that something big and beautiful is about to happen, I know this will be an exciting four months and I am just praying that I can really absorb the wonder of it all. I pray I will be able to slow down, I pray I will be able to get those around me to understand that I need the time to do this work.

I look forward to the training and the guidance and the mentoring and the motivation and the love from distant places and sisterhood on line across the miles and beyond time and space. Nadz

Life is just for living