Hello Voices of Our Future Team,

We have two weeks until our first assignment is due. I wanted to check in to see how everyone is progressing. We have received a few emails with updates and questions.

Are there any questions that have arisen since the training call that we can provide our collective guidance and insight as you begin finalizing your pieces?




I am so psyched by this process, even though I am an old women. You have given me a new area in which to focus my manifestation of The Sacred Spirit. Thank you, Zoe, Delphine, and all our sisters.


It supposed there was a call in skype today for EM. I connected 15 minutes before the supposed time and I wait until 30 minutes after and nothing. I checked the info and time. I sent an email and no answer. Tell me if you need me.

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Hello Nasreen,

We did have our call yesterday. Were you on Skype? Delphine had requested all the Editorial Mentors on the Skype call to join a group.

I am sorry we weren't able to connect with you. We will go back over the questions/concerns and make sure we address any that you had. We are also emailing out the recording.

We did miss your presence on the call. It is always good to hear your thoughts and perspective.


Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager World Pulse

Things are going pretty fine. Interviews over, drafts compiled, discussion with mentors ongoing.

Initially the interviewing and the write up looked a bit daunting, especially given the pressure of time with other work. But now that my writeup is done, I feel so much at ease.

I will be positing my assignment soon, for general feedback from other correspondents and mentors too.

Can't wait to read all the inspirational stories this assignment will be bringing forth.

Salaam Aminah


It is good to hear that you are almost done. I often have a similiar experience when I start a large assignment. The beginning can feel overwhelming. Good to hear that you are almost done!

Excited to read it!

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager World Pulse

Hi everyone,

I plan to finish draft by the end of this week and start "improving process". I wish good luck to all Correspondents and Mentors! Keep calm and optimistic, we're doing a great work!

Warmest wishes, Iryna

So far, so good. I had issues with presenting a press pass. The first subject I chose for interview wanted to see a press pass before granting the interview and since mine has not arrived yet, I could not interview her. However, I chose another subject who knew about World Pulse and was more flexible. Thanks for checking, Zoe.

Love, Precious

My pen speaks


Your press pass was mailed out to you last week. What we could do in the interim is email you the press pass and if you have access to a printer you could print it. Would that be helpful?

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager World Pulse

Thanks for checking with us Zoe ! Done with interview, draft sent to mentors, working on the final write up. Yes, it did look daunting and challenging first but after reading the write ups from previous batches, things looked much better.

Also, regarding the press passes, I have not received any till now. Just checking if they are sent out already.

Lots of love,

Mukut Ray

Hi, Zoe, Thank you for emailing the pdf files of the Press Pass. I got it twice, as attachment to an email and via Drop Box. I am grateful that you figured I might also need it as the others before the 'real'' one arrives in the mail even as I did not request for it in time. Thank you, too, for asking about the packet. I hope it arrives in a few days. It takes between two weeks to a month for airmail packets to reach my city from abroad.

I have finished my interview and am now on my nth draft. I hope to finalize the final story over the weekend. Leigh Anne and Sarah, my mentors, have buoyed me up through all these days, on the story and much beyond the story.

Blessings, libudsuroy

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