Women, War and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo-Wondieh
Posted May 2, 2012 from Cameroon

1995 and 1998, there was a violent intertribal war between Bali-Nkumbat and Bafanji over Land.

In this little documentary piece, my targeted audience ranges from policy markers to activists and government officials and the general public. For these women story need to be told. So that urgent actions (measures) can be taken to ensure that these women (affected victims/family) re-gain their lives back. The children whose education was suspended can continue their education. And most importantly, to pressure the government to make facilities for an early warning system to help prevent forthcoming violent conflict in Bafanji.

"This has been the worst experience in my life" say Ma Juliiete.

Not something any human should ever wish for-Ma Geraldine said

Since after the war, the women say - it has not been easy for them, especially to meet up with their living expenses and to pay their children fees. It's worth noting that some of the women lost their husbands during the war, while other got injured and became handicapped, coupled with some of the men's old age - the women have now become the sole breadwinner of the family.

I hope this video would serve as a beginning for a common good for the Bafanji people and the women especially.

Link: VOF 5:Bafanji women share their experience during the War.

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous new media and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world. Voices of Our Future 2012 Assignments: Multimedia

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  • Shirley Clark
    May 03, 2012
    May 03, 2012

    Thank you for sharing the stories of these women and their struggles. Your pictures showed how even after all these years, the effects of war remain. It is easy to forget the challenges of others around the world and your story brought to light how important it is to never forget so that we may always be ready to help.

    I wish you my very best as you continue on your journey of advocacy.

  • Jade Frank
    May 04, 2012
    May 04, 2012

    Dear Ziwoh,

    Incredible job on your video. It is very powerful to hear directly from local women, how their lives were affected by war and how their are continuing to struggle to rebuild their lives and provide a safe future for their children. So often we hear about conflict, see pictures of conflict, but re rarely hear the stories of women who are left to rebuild their lives out of conflict and what the real and lasting consequences of war are. Thank you for telling this story.

    In friendship and solidarity, Jade

  • Pat
    May 07, 2012
    United States
    May 07, 2012

    Thanks, Ziwoh, for reminding us of the far reaches of war on our women. You refer to a video but I can't see how I can get to it.

    Best to you and your work. Patricia