Africa for women highlights some of the many areas where national & international actions has impact on; from Human Rights to Gender Equality together with most cultural constrains, fighting trafficking, abuse , insecurity & violence against women and girl child, also, from tackling the effects of Unemployment and improve Governance for poverty alleviation, peace & development in the respective nations. Though most of these bodies deal with wide range of policies, it also initiating endeavors to uplift the statues of the African woman, together with many efforts from some women for the combat by creating forums which provides a friendly environment for the African women to speak such that her voice could be heard loudly; her statue seen clearly. These and many issues relegating the ancient concept (stereotype mentality) of the place of a woman is in the kitchen propaganda.

Following the many conventions signed for a strong commitment to gender equality, securing equal opportunities for women and men, backing women to own properties legally as well as setting up small businesses, been fully involve into decision makings at both grassroots, national & international levels "most importantly, educating most of the traditionalists/ village nobles to reduce most of the incumbent traditional customs or cultural taboos / barriers which stands as the major block for women unequal statue in our society.

In this first edition on Africa for women, we lay lots on emphasis on Women & cultural barriers, though, we all are aware that some of the cultural constraint is just being greedy, and yet! They give the impression that it is Factual and she/he who violates any of the laws, god (ancestors) retaliates. Still! One is convince that some of the taboo/barriers could be modify.

Amazingly, some girls and women still define the role of a woman as being in the kitchen propaganda, coming soon, in an oral interview with some young girls and women, curiously, wanting to know any cultural constraint of their choice, if she votes * yes *, that is to say; in her opinion whether some cultural barrier on women is right and thus should be respected, though women are fighting against it "..And reason why?

This is an open debate for women themselves to spot out their fault, as well as brainstorming on alternative better measure to educate their fellow sisters who firmly believe in some of the cultural constrains "..

Thereafter, it will be our place to reason whether or not their point has been in great contribution for providing peace& security for the development of their respective nations

And if yes!

Why women are not crown as head of villages, except in rare tribes. In order words why queens are not allow to rule their clans except kings etc.

It is true one of the major hindrances to our women being unable to proactively involve in creating a social change is as a result from their cultural barriers.

I am quite sure that at the end of the forum debate, we will be able to conclude whether or not; women (especially some rural & traditional women) are willing to emancipate themselves.

NB: since not all of us are lucky to access the internet often, we could assist some of us in posting their contributions. your contribution is greatly appreciated for the success of the gender struggle.

Many thanks zoneziwoh

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Hi Zoneziwoh,

Thank you for sharing this! Is Africa for women a magazine or a news-broadcast? I love what it stands for and provides for women... to speak up about issues that concern them most!. And you're right, not everyone is blessed with Internet access or the skills to utilize it. We must keep these women in our hearts and when speaking with them, share their visions and their words here on PulseWire so that they too can have a voice!

Warm regards, Jade


I, like Jade, very much like what this group stands for! Do they have a website? Or some form of media (magazine, newletter, etc)? I would be willing to help out in any way that I could.

I especially agree when you said "women (especially some rural & traditional women) are willing to emancipate themselves"- how is this organization getting the voice of empowerment out to rual and traditional women? If they are, is it working? I do know that there is (at least) one organization headed by an east african woman who travels and does presentation on female genital mutilation and gives tribes alternate traditions to follow, I think this is a good approach (don't just oppose but propose).

I would really like to know more about Africa for Women- thank you for this post!

Much Peace,


Many thanks for the brilliant comments. Africa for Women is a new advocacy approach on gender interest, taking the form of an online forum debate documentary, which runs on forums which aimed at improving or educating the Women on gender related issues. This project is a voluntarily coordinated with promoters for/against certain socio-cultural norms sharing their respective views on some Cultural constrains for this first edition. after a collection of opinion, i believe it is going to serve as a practical training tool for reference as well as to be submitted as a proposal to the Newly approved UN Women's Agency.

Africa for Women is an original idea by me, zoneziwoh, inspired by life experiences.

once again, i thank you for your contributions. awaiting, any suggestions?


Stay Blessed



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