Visit and register for the Safe World for Women Forum which will run during the 16 days of Activism November 25th to December 10th 2009.

If you have any time to spare on the 25th November, Women For A Change warmly invites you to connect with the world to support and empower women in the 16- days Safe World campaign to stop violence against women.

The forum open to women and men, will be launched on the Nov 25th and will run until the Dec 10th.

The Forum will give everyone a chance to:

Speak out about their experiences

Find out what is really happening in different countries

Connect with mentors who can help in gaining confidence

Become involved in our advocacy projects

On the last day of the forum, December 10th there will be an International Web Conference with key speakers.

Topics to include:

What we can do right now to help ourselves

How to develop a successful advocacy strategy


Take action! This post was submitted in response to 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 2009.

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WFAC–Buea is a local women’s voluntary group, founded on empathy, trust and sincerity, working together to promote the empowerment of young women in creating a caring community cutting across the gender barriers and constraints.

In line with the upcoming 16 days of Activism Against Gender celebrated under the theme “ A Safer World for Women, Say No to Violence Against Women”, WFAC-Buea is engaging in the following activities:

  • Going into the fields and having chart with violated victims (women)

  • Documenting some testimonies to be presented to the audience on the selected dates.

  • Sensitising some universities clubs, groups, and individuals to be involved in the fights against violence inflicted on women within Buea.

  • Preparing talks, plays, poems, songs, to illustrate consequences and effects of violence perpetrated on women.

  • Showcasing the talents girls have by letting the audience understand the potential/skills in fostering peace and security in a bit to enhance sustainable development.

  • Ballot questions to the clubs/association/groups on how they contribute in the fight against violence perpetrated on women

  • Launching of WFAC Buea giving its aim, purpose and goals of its existence.

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Thank you Zonziwoh for this link. I unfortunately was at a conference on Nov 25 so I didn't get to do anything that day. But tomorrow I am doing a workshop with my girls about violence against women. Thank you again for sharing this link and for being an inspiration as always!

Much Peace and Love,