• Exhibition

WFAC Buea joined the International World for the first time in marking the celebration of the 2010 World Health Day in the University of Buea. . In this light, series of activities for a week were organized and coordinated to commemorate the celebration. Theme: Women and the Sustainable Use of Female Condoms: Fight HIV.../AIDs and Gender Based Violence.

Activities Carried Out:

A. EXHIBITION (March 29th – March 31st 2010) - 3 Days Street Exhibition (Demonstration) with over One Thousand femaledoms shared to students and over One Hundred femaledoms demonstrated. - Responsible Female Condoms Peer Educators (WFAC Buea Volunteers + Health Club Students + 2 Individual Volunteers) and the University Students, all of the University of Buea.

B. 1 Day SEMINAR (APRIL 5TH 2010) AIMED: - Sensitized and Trained Clubs / Association Leaders or Representatives as Female Condoms Peer Educators. - Increased the students Knowledge, most particularly the female students on the current preventive options to fight HIV/AIDs, STI, STDs, Unwanted pregnancies, GBV etc - Encourage University Clubs/ Groups to team work so as to build a strong force of advocates for women's reproductive rights.