Bag Made From Recycled Materials

How much do you waste? How much garbage do you and your family produce each day? How about each year? Most people cannot answer these questions. Most of the time, we put our waste out of sight and out of mind. The Community Champions of the World Pulse Environment Group want to change that. They are asking you to take a look at the things you throw away and tell us about them. More than that, they want you to take a picture and show us what you throw away, and where you dispose of it.

How Can Pictures of Trash Make Change?

It's a good question. By showing our trash to the world, we have to notice it ourselves, and think about its impact. By showing how we dispose of it, we can demonstrate problems that need to be addressed and share solutions for ways to reduce waste or dispose of it in a way that is more healthy for ourselves and the planet.

Don't waste a minute! Visit the Environment Group's campaign page to show us your trash, see how others manage their waste, and start making change.

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