My Campaign is Opening Doors for Collaboration

After launching the first part of my Digital Action Campaign on May 4th 2017 a lot of people started contacting me for collaboration and partnership on projects aimed at empowering women and girls. With regular updates about the progress of my activities for “Bring a Girl to STEM” many more people have become very interested in the work I am doing. I am on a mission to eliminate the gender disparities that are greatest in STEM fields that have two prominent qualities. The first is a perceived masculine culture and the second is a lack of course experience before college.

Part 6: Thinking Globally and Building Locally using my Video.

Today I am launching a very important and inspiring part of my campaign. It is an online activity on social media and offline at CYEED digital training center that will amplify my project worldwide. By launching the “Bring a Girl to STEM” campaign I have raised curiosity in Cameroon about the STEM programs at CYEED. I am very delighted to see parents very anxious to come discover what we offer during our trainings especially after following us on local radio station.

Part 5: STEM Mentoring Program: “#STEMingUp a Sister” to Create a Smoother Path for our Future Techies.

Today I am launching a STEM Mentoring Program at CYEED called “#STEMingUp a Sister”. As part of my Digital Action Campaign “Bring a Girl to STEM” the main objective is to recruit and retain more female students in STEM, encouraging women and girls to peruse a career in STEM fields. I am on a mission to narrow the gender Tech divide, breaking stereotypes about STEM education for girls by teaching them basic programming and digital skills early on with the assistance of mentors to guide our girls.