2010 VOF Module 1

Trainee's Home

Breaking the Barrier

Growing up in Siem Reap, a provincial town in northern Cambodia, Manrath Kong defied the odds that often condemn the daughters of lower class families to a life of illiteracy and poverty.

She writes and acts

When I was given the assignment to interview a woman activist in my community, a special writer-activist appeared in my mind immediately.

A Model of Peace and Hope

Like a white pigeon of peace, brave as a lion and impressive like the sun, Tahera Popal, 45, is the only Afghan woman working as a human rights officer in the United Nations in Herat, a province in no

Angel on Earth

She is far from two homes: her country and her family's home, living in a deserted area, without family or a husband or a son. However, once you see her, you would never think she is alone.


It was indeed a rainy day; children within her community were playing naked with protruded stomachs. They were cold and shivering after the rain and no one was there to take care of them.