2010 VOF Week 1


Before May 2010 while on a visit to India, the only other Pulse I was familiar with was that throbbing canal in my beautifully crafted feminine hand.
Megan Reyes

Operation: Discovery

Imagine if Web 2.0 were an off the shelf app … and you’re at a trade show listening to a rep scream into a microphone announcing the latest, greatest attributes of this product: “Folks, it does every

weaving trees

It’s the beginning of summer in Zimbabwe. The sound in the hot afternoon is crackling - pods exploding and scattering shiny brown seeds into the dust. It is dry now.
Let's Dance!!

Ahhh... The Possibilities!!

The Web has been good to me… as a human, as a person, as a woman. And it keeps getting better. I often make the joke: “The Internet is the ‘tech’ arm of Goddess!!”

Web 2.0 and Women’s Empowerment

I consider myself lucky to live today. When I was younger, we often had no idea what was happening beyond our national borders, other than the occasional newspaper article or television news story.

My Web 2.0 World

I love Web 2.0 because it provides global readership to posts. This is exciting. It means – save for media censorship – readers from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe can catch up with me.