2010 VOF Week 2

Patience O.

The Journey of Change

There is a common saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The ‘Voices of our Future’ to me happens to be such a step. It as a major step, just as it is a bold step.

My American Journey

You know, growing up I enjoyed the American dream as much as the next person. My family went snowmobiling, to the beach for vacations and lived in a nice house. My parents were, and are, attentive.

What I find about me

I think one reason why I would like to participate in the experience of World Pulse is because the writing has been a constant in my life. I write since childhood.

Felt 'happy' in my hair...

Too many words pour out of my pen – I feel, my mind requires moderation. I feel, I think in too many languages. Perhaps because,my mind is hybrid of three different cultures.