2013 VOF Week 1


Subjective Subjects

Digital Media is personal; each individual comes with the complexities of the time, region, religion, sex, gender, sexuality, race, caste and class. It does not hide behind the façade of objectivity.

The voice that matters

In today Liberia, women hold the highest office of power but do this means that our voices matter? The issue of women rights is now a cliché and mockery in our part of the world

digitalizing women

This is the era of mass communication and global networking. Gone are the days where we had to wait for several days to receive a letter, now all it takes is a click of a button.

assignment 1

My name is Alejandra Velez. I am 30 years and I am originally from Mexico City. I currently live in China, I am an English teacher. I lived in the U.S for ten years.