2013 VOF Week 2

The Purpose

I confess that I’m a person who walks by faith and not by sight, an uneasy task and a much debated one too by many, but not by me.

I got it

As I joined the organisation (PRADAN) in 1998, I am amazed that the community, I will be engaged with , are illiterate.

Tell Your Own Story

If you don’t like someone’s story, write your own – so said the late Nigerian literary giant Chinua Achebe. This statement was made in 1990, when I was barely getting to like school.

Mother to Daughter

Growing up as a little girl, my mother would always say, ’’I would sponsor your studies to any level’’. I would secretly wonder why my mother is so enthusiastic about my education.

'The Lazy Feminist'

There is an old Chinese aphorism that says ‘women hold up half the sky’. However In some places around the world they end up holding more than half.