African Women

women image in media vs. woman's in Islam

There is this huge misunderstanding and dishonest image of women in Islam and I actually dont know where did this come from?! Is it only because of the way muslim women dress?
 Sara AM. | 15 Sep, 2013 | Recommended by 1
Lunchtime at Tsogang Sechaba

Dying Empty....Revisted

Self-sacrifice. Humility. Gratitude. Strength. Character. Hope. These are some of the ingredients that make up the heroes of the orphan crisis in South Africa.

Hillary and Women's Issues

Like many women, I am disgusted by the way the American media continues to treat Hillary Clinton, and even more by the way they have diminished her efforts to draw attention to the very serious issues

Witnessing = Responsibility

In the work I've done through the years, I've always been aware of the privilege I have to witness certain things in life usually hidden from large swaths of my peer group.