Belarus freedom


There is not stick on my back, But my heart fills the great pain. There is not boot on my throat, But I cannot take a deep breath. There are not handcuffs on my hands,

ЗЯМЛЯ САННІКАВА - The Sannikov's land

Пра нас не здыме эпапею Энзейнштейн, І Караткевіч не напіша з нас раман. Мы ўзялі назву з вуснаў тысяч тых людей, Што йдуць да нас і кажуць: будзе зноў падман.

Who are we?

In the self-defence the first question is: who am i and what am i?

hi from Belarus!

Independence is not a freedom.But without independence - no freedom! Not brothers but partners!