Colors and Women

The colors of a girl's imagination is an innocent beauty that no man could see. She always depends on her intuition of colors to justify the situation she is in.

Black & White

I painted my nails black and white yesterday. Was it fashion - no... I love doing manicure, but this time it was rather a revelation of my inner thoughts, feelings, dialogue.

Young, gifted and black!

Yesterday, I was wandering through the web (we often do that don't we?) I came across a story on a news website. The story was on black models being shunned in the modeling industry.

VOF Week 4: Our Voices Matter

I hope to live my life in a way that is: 1) true to my divine existence, 2) consistent with what my ancestors wished, fought and died for, 3) in harmony with Mother Nature, 4) sustainable, 5) full of

The Black Woman

The dreams of a black woman are very fair and her truth pitch dark She is born with a pain to which no colour can be assigned It borrows the colour of water to fill her eyes