child sexual abuse


Never too old.

Our founder and Executive Director, Kate Fletcher, is about to turn 75. She's an incredible woman with a fierce passion.

The damaged child

She cringes – darkness She braces – the vulture She tries her utmost, to stay alert, awake To wade off danger Slowly the world sleeps Everything quietens She too dozes off Into oblivion

Who will save the girls?

Warm new year greetings! I have been missing in action since i joined PulseWire in 2009.....but look to be more active in 2012 and to reconnect with all the great women at PulseWire.

Guilty as Charged

I don't remember her face. I don't remember their faces either. But all that I remember is what had happened afterwards.

Abusing children sexually

April was Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) awareness month. As many are aware, CSA is a crime perpetrated against children across the age, gender and socio economic spectrum by older people they know.