daily life

The Gift of Little Ones…

Normally, I work with the threes and fours (three and four year olds) as part of my church ministry, but yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of the twos…As you can imagine, the thought of 15 two ye

Life is a Mystery

Funny it is that sometimes life has its mysteries. We never know what will happen for us in the future. We have our different paths to take.

Facing Death

This is morbid topic to discuss. Facing death. . . afraid of dying. . . so morbid. However, some of us do not wish to talk about this even if we know that everyone go there, sooner or later.

You are next!

I've been thinking about marriage lately (a lot!). I just graduated and people are wondering if I'm planning on getting engaged soon. In my culture, you go to university to study and find Mr.

Unity: Learn it from Ants

Ants work in groups, And achieve their goal in unity Alas! Men lack this and fail NOTE: Let us have a look at the lives of ants. There are a good number of lessons,

Weather back to normal

The snow is gone. Thankfully. With two small children, I didn't leave the house for days. I held up okay, suprisingly.