Understanding Our Mothers…

Mothers often shoulder the enormous burden of raising their daughters into defined or acceptable gendered roles or ideals, going at extraordinary lengths to suppress her own and daughter’s aspirations

The Joy Luck Club

"Every mother and daughter has a story to tell." This movie is entitled, The Joy Luck Club based on the novel of Amy Tan (1989) and this is an Oliver Stone Production.


I wish I could say I love you, but I don’t. In fact, maybe it’s a relief. You gave me life, and I’ve given you nothing. Not now anyway. I tried to love you many times—I used to think I did.

Today I Turn

Today I close this door... gently. It’s not sealed or nailed, and I may visit again the trinkets in the room- perhaps then I’ll know what to do with them...

New Year Thoughts

One of the New Year's resolutions I made is to find a way to get my daughters more involved or at least interested in the issues that affect them.