Delhi gang rape

How To Explain India's Rape Culture

When the majority of the nation was celebrating the sentencing of the four accused in the brutal gang rape and murder of a young physiotherapist in Delhi, one of the defense lawyers of the accused, in

street harassment in india

opening a newspaper on any given day in india can lead to severe pre-breakfast trauma, which only gets worse once stepping out into the streets.


A few days ago, a 9-year old girl from Cavite who went missing last Christmas day was found dead under a house just 10 minutes from where she lived.

What kind of leadership is this?

Most of India’s youth, academia and activists suggested that the Delhi gang-rape incident was the hardcore evidence of a prevalent undercurrent of patriarchy. And they were absolutely right.

Waking up in a Cruel World

In the wake of the horrifying tragedy in Delhi last December, my mind reverted back to an age old fear - a vagina automatically makes you a target of violence.