Strength of Spirit

I've learned in my spiritual seeking is that kindness requires no creed; It does require compassion for others' talents, boundaries, and needs.
 Y | 11 Mar 2014

Fathers Are Our Future

Every time you dishonor the parent, you also harm the parent's child, So much more while the child depends on the parent for continued life.

The Curse of the Universe?

Do not give up my sisters whose mothers suckled me at their breasts; I am an example of the strength to which their loving lives did attest.
 Y | 26 Nov 2013

Will War Finally Cease?

I long ago gave up on being a member of the culture from which I came; In order to be included, I had to play by rules of their exclusive games.
 Y | 19 Oct 2013

Appalachian Mountain Mama

I have the privilege of being a guest of a woman that I call my Mountain Mama, even though I only met her seven years ago.
 Y | 09 Jul 2013

Say NO

The one problem with us women is that we ‘feel’ and we don’t say NO. It is about saying NO to ourselves. That we will not tolerate any abuse, being treated weak and more so being denied our rights.