Will We Leave Positive Power?

I wonder how much of Alzheimer's disease is an attempt to forget The many monstrously horrible events that, in our lives, we met. Do we somehow, passively, choose to return to being babies,
 Y | 21 Feb, 2014

lay Your hands on me!

Luke 4:40 (“…………….and He laid His Hands on every one of them and healed them.”) Lay your hands on me That I may talk like You; Your mouth. Lay your hands on me That I may hear like You;
 smothyz | 07 Feb, 2014 | Recommended by 1

Finding God: Finding Food

I hear a knock on my door With this I might asssist but what is it that is had in this visit This is a great introduction! God rarely comes with Food to a woman carying basket,baby

Where is God...?

Where is God they ask me.. I don't have to respond or if I do I just smile because right there in that very moment God is also smiling because he is in our smiles