lay Your hands on me!

Luke 4:40 (“…………….and He laid His Hands on every one of them and healed them.”) Lay your hands on me That I may talk like You; Your mouth. Lay your hands on me That I may hear like You;
 smothyz | 07 Feb 2014 | Recommended by 1

Nina's hands

There they were always present in everyday life, as the laughter of kids running around the yard. These praying hands holding knitting needles only changed position when holding the crochet hook.

passion that bleeds

Hands have always been my way to peer into another persons soul but while I was going through a blog today I froze at this picture of a tango dancers feet.


My grandmother’s hands are not very pretty. They are square, rough and somewhat pudgy with short nails. They are the hands of a woman who will do what must be done. She is not a romantic.