My daughter's happiness

Congratulation!! dear Stella, Humming bird and Congollizza for being selected for live speaking tour and also congrats to all of us 30s for completing the VOF journey with hope, passion and courage.

Merry Christmas!!

today in class we were given a 100 rupees each and asked to do a random act of kindness. i did something that made ME happy before anybody else!

A life poem

I have to give my best to achieve what they want If not today, i am sure i'd get it tomorrow I would do whatever i can even if some memories are there to haunt

:) SMILE:)

I had to make an official call in the morning. I dreaded it. I had to call a much senior colleague asking what of the mail I sent some five days ago.


This is from an article I wrote for an Australian magazine aimed at teenage girls - DOLLY Magazine. Not all of it was printed, but this is what I wrote :)