Cheryl Saban

Love and Safe Sex for Africa too

I recently met a young woman, Talia Frenkel, who was inspired to start a non-profit to help make a difference in some of the countries in Africa that have been hardest hit by HIV AIDS.
Lunchtime at Tsogang Sechaba

Dying Empty....Revisted

Self-sacrifice. Humility. Gratitude. Strength. Character. Hope. These are some of the ingredients that make up the heroes of the orphan crisis in South Africa.

Witnessing = Responsibility

In the work I've done through the years, I've always been aware of the privilege I have to witness certain things in life usually hidden from large swaths of my peer group.

Living beyond Mamma's Shadow

Just the other day one of my old good friends called to let me know that she wil tie the knot in two weeks time. Her mother was visiting her In London to attend the ceremony.

Home from South Africa

We all know that the HIV/AIDs is wrecking havoc in Africa. Yet we rarely hear the stories of the courage and capacity of women on the front lines of this panedemic.