Holding Hands

Woman in my life

This woman played a major part in my life history being a role model of what she considers as empowerment.

Khan Chhiu

As fallen leaves return to their roots, my hands traveled to distant and foreign lands, learning Canadian rules of hand etiquette, across the ocean to Tanzania, in the warm hold of strong-hearted wome


I arrived in Porto in 2005 (actually, this was my second arrival as a non-tourist, but this time I would be here to stay).

Holding Hands

Growing up in New Delhi, my sister and I did everything together. We shared the same schools, the same games, books, clothes, fights....


Harambee is a Kenyan community word meaning ‘holding hands’, pulling together for a certain course, self help events e. g fundraising or development acts.

Last Call for Submissions!

It has been a joy to witness PulseWire swell with your voices - from Russia to Papua New Guinea, from Zambia to Afghanistan.

True friendship

My candles and papers were the friends I choose to have after my friends left me either because they got married or because they left the country.