I salute all my Pulse wire community,i hope you are all doing well.We have gone so far and now we are at the edge of 2010.

210 future applicants

AWOMAN- God created 2 people on earth,and these were Adam and Eve.From the first man [Adam]he did not appreciate and was never thank full,instead ,he was complainig and God saw this and made Eve for

my heroe

I am Emily from Kenya where Cuture rules.My mother was not welcomed because she was a mother of girls,and in this community a baby girl was considered worth less,useless,and a take away.Here my father

Peace begin with a smile

If you have been praying and desiring a certain change in your life,you can decide you want the change.TODAY,and it will happen.Many suffer for long because they dont know it is their responsbility,no


In my culture growing girls and boys dont sleep in their parents houses,they sleep at their grand parents,it was for the children to be told tales and taught how to grow with discipline in the commun