One Person's Saint Is Another's Sinner

I have huge objections to the declaration of some people as saints, as I know from experience that one person's saint is another's sworn enemy. This was the case with me and my mother.

The Martyrdom of Motherhood

The worst part of parenting, for me, was the pressure to be perfect. Fathers don't live with the many reasons their children will, them, reject.
 Y | 08 Feb, 2014

Reclaiming Our Peaceful Paradise

What can one woman do in the great "god" discussion, When, forever, the writings have been controlled by men? We must meditate on our ancestral sense of the sacred,
 Y | 29 Jan, 2014

Appalachian Mountain Mama

I have the privilege of being a guest of a woman that I call my Mountain Mama, even though I only met her seven years ago.
 Y | 09 Jul, 2013

Shattering the Spirit

I knew when I had my first child that I was an unfit mother. I had been told all my life by the women who knew me best that I was unfit for anything.

Dear Mother

Everyone in the world has a different perception about what a "Hero" is. A hero is someone who inspires you, protects you and believes in you.