Liberty & Independence

There aren’t many young American girls who reached puberty in the 1980’s that can’t say a John Cougar-Mellancamp song didn’t affect them in some way.

Flood within

When I saw the word "Miracle" I thought, I need this word, due to events in my life at the moment, I needed to reflect on the miracle that came to me in 2003 Sumatra Indonesia.

The Miracle of Prayer

In 2001 I created The Vanilla.COMpany, a web-based, socially- conscious business located at, My dream was to make a difference for tropical farmers – the majority of whom are

The trivial miracle

When I was little, I imagined a miracle to be a grand, magical, majestic and out of this world phenomenon. Truth be told, I still (secretly) believe that.
My hope


It doesn’t come to mind, not anymore, unless I think of it purposely. Once those memories come though, it's like striking a match. It starts with a spark, strong and intense.