RDC, la santé politique

Démocratie en agonie Vécue sous d’autres cieux ; Où le droit l’emporte sur l’arbitraire ; Ici, c’est par la douleur que tu as vu le jour ; Soucieuse de donner le pouvoir au peuple ;

DRC, the political health

Democracy in agony Experienced in other spaces; Where the right carries away him on arbitrariness; Here, it is by the pain that you got birth;
My first birthday, 1980

Where I'm From

I am from one dot in the sky, from gravels and ripe starfruit I am from the crowded housing complex I am from the scent of jasmine, the guava tree I am from reading stories and round face,

Pole of Hope

Standing by the pole of hope, hoe in hand to till the ground, rope on his neck the tent to hold, plans in his head to claim his hope; make the ridge to yield the field,

Poème A ma mère

Femme noire femme Africaine à toi ma mère je pense à toi. Oh! Dama Oh! ma mère. Toi qui me portât sur le dos, toi qui m’allaitât, toi qui gouvernat mes premiers pas au produit de la terre.


Worldpulse is a different thing to different people and folks May be that is why they say different strokes for different folks Folks her e are different, peculiar or sole